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Roma, the perfect place to learn Italian

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Rome is considered as one of the oldest cities in the world and with the enclave of the Vatican City within its territory, Rome is also the center of Roman Catholicism and according to UNESCO, over 60% of the world’s art treasures are discovered in Italy.

Rome is the cultural center of Italy and tourism is an activity extremely important to the Italian economy. Universities in Rome are also significant parts of the financial system. Many people say that Italian is the most beautiful verbal language in the world.

1. Learn Italian in the External City

Rome has the largest institution of higher education in Italy and Rome is a main epicentre for artists. Speaking Italian will give you the opportunity to understand social and cultural references, by going to the theater or to the cinema this can help improve your knowledge of the country.

Nacel International offers an excellent Home Lessons program to students who want to learn Italian and discover the Italian culture by living in a teacher’s home which prevents the student from speaking his own language after class and thus destroying a great part of what he has learnt during classes. This is the key to rapid learning. Because the teacher is also in charge of the accommodation, the homestay in Italy program offers the unique opportunity to fully integrate. Students will have the unique opportunity to be in a full immersion experience, to live with and be individually taught by their own private teacher.Rome the eternal city

English is known as the international spoken language in tourism and in the business industry in general, but it is always better to exchange with locals in Italian if you are traveling in Italy for two main reasons. First of all, speaking Italian can facilitate the interaction with locals and secondly, locals will appreciate your effort in studying their language and culture. Therefore, learning Italian in Italy with a personal teacher will give you the opportunity to network easily and improve your fluency.

2. Rome: Culture and Gastronomy

The Romani culture is a part of the European cultural tradition. They like maintaining values such as promptness and organization. Social life and interaction is important to Romans that is why they enjoy public events and parties. People like to go out, go to the cinema, museums, theaters and music is considered an essential part of Italian life. Italian people are also famous for their attention to clothing and family values.

Rome’s cuisine has evolved through years but this city became a major gastronomical pole. In Rome, the typical serving dish is pasta. Italians have a varied range of pasta that they prepare it with all kind of sauces; the Bolognese and the Carbonara are the most famous. Generally, in restaurants plates are filled with food.  It is commonly said that Italian pasta has a different taste than any other pasta in the world. There is infinity of dishes you can taste in Rome mainly made with fish, vegetables and cheese.

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