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Practicalities For Your Next Visit To Venice

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Before heading off to Venice, it is always a good idea to make yourself aware of general practicalities about the city itself.  With this in mind, we have put together a list for you covering the main ones which, hopefully, will be useful and informative. Entering Venice : Visitors from UK and EU do not need [...]

An Overview of the District of Castello in Venice

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When on your next trip to Venice, you will probably notice that it is divided into lots of districts.  The district of Castello is named after an 8th century fortress and was originally known as Olivolo and is one of Venice’s larger districts and is decidedly different to its neighbour – San Marco. However, Castello has [...]

Visit Gesuiti Church on your next trip to Venice

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One of the attraction to visit whilst on your Venice Holidays is Gesuiti Church located in the district of Cannaregio – a district with a mixture of old and new, stretching in a arc at the northern fringes of Venice it has the 20th century railway station to the west and one of the oldest [...]

An Italian Guide to the Bacari Of Venice

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Once a major stop on the “Grand Tour,” Venice remains today one of the most venerated travel destinations in the world. A sublime city teeming with Renaissance art, picturesque views and exquisite architecture, Venice is a must on the bucket-list of anyone who appreciates beauty, great food and fine wine. And while the one-hundred and [...]

Travelling in Italy

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Every description of Italy contains so many adjectives and superlatives that finding the actual facts is a secondary part of the description. This truly stunning country boasts more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country on the planet, some of the most exported and well loved foods, art that inspires more art and a [...]

Cruising to Italy with P&O

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Italy is full of amazing places and things to see and do, many of them very accessible from the coast which makes cruises in this area a great way to see parts of Italy. P&O Cruise Holidays have a variety of cruise ships who sail the Western Mediterranean, and almost all of them dock in [...]