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Top Romantic Places In Italy

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If you’re looking for one good romantic getaway, Italy would be the perfect spot to have one. This country is known to be one of the most romantic places in the world. It offers a lot exquisite spots where you can have your precious honeymoon or just a simple memorable vacation in Italy with your loved one.

To serve as a guide, here are some of the best romantic places that you can go visit in Italy for that memorable romantic getaway with your loved one!


This is considered to be one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Italy where you can find love in the air with its winding canals, narrow streets and gondolas. For sure, it would be a pleasure to lose yourselves together in this small but lovely city. Other than the stunning San Marco Cathedral and piazza, you can also find a lot of small picturesque churches and squares.

Venice GondolaThis city can also offer you a variety of romantic restaurants and dreamy cafes in which you can have a lovely dinner or spend your afternoon together. On the fun side, this city is also the best destination in Italy for Carnevale or Mardi Gras festivals.


This city is a charming, half-moon shaped village beside the sea. You can find a lot of pastel houses, cafes and seaside restaurants that line the harbor’s shore. It also offers you a relaxing view of its crystalline green waters that expose an innumerable display of beautiful aquatic life.

Just like a scene in fairytale, you can find a romantic castle, along with a tiny church sitting atop the hill that overlooks the village. You can also take a romantic stroll, via going through the scenic pathway leading to the lighthouse situated on the point.

This village is said to be the resort for the rich and famous. However, there are much more sights to see than just famous people. There are also a lot of shops, cafes, restaurants, and luxury hotels that you can visit. You can also choose to engage in activities such as hiking, boating and diving.

You can find this lovely village in northern Italy’s Liguria region. This village is included in the Italian Riviera. It’s also near other romantic Italian Riviera villages such as Portovenere, Santa Margherita Ligure and Camogli.


This town situated on the Amalfi Coast, is another of Italy’s most romantic places. The scenic town is vertically built on a cliff’s face, which consequently gives you spectacular views of the sea. You can also find a lot of romantic restaurants that offer scrumptious seafood and wonderful views of the sea.

This town has a relatively mild climate, which is why you can opt to visit it throughout the year. Interestingly, it started out as a small fishing village that became popular with artists and writers during the 1950′s. At present, it remains to be a charming and fashionable resort.

Basically, it is a pedestrian town, which means it has a lot of stairs. It also has a lot of beautiful pastel colored houses adorned with colorful flowers that makes an even more picture perfect view of the town.

These are the top three romantic places that you can go to in Italy. So now that you know them, go ahead and take your pick and create memories you can keep for a lifetime!

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