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Italy And Ancient Art

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Each year millions of visitors come to trek through Italy hoping to witness the liveliness of its ancient culture, exquisite food, astounding art, grand architecture, and other interesting knickknacks it has to offer. Definitely, it’s one alluring country that even those who haven’t visited it feel its richness by viewing simple photographs or videos.

Italy can offer you an experience filled with overflowing art and astonishing architecture that would give you an experience of a lifetime. In fact, Venice, Rome, and Florence alone could offer you an endless selection of design pleasure trips. As a guide, here are some of the must visit places that showcases designs of both modern and ancient Italy. So, take a trip, bring your sketch book, and be fascinated with what you’ll be seeing!

The Coliseum

Rome ColosseuamThis is considered to be an architectural marvel. In fact, some even consider it to be one of the seen wonders of the world! It was built starting in 72 AD. Originally, the place was used for entertainment purposes, such as barbaric combats. However, up until now it is an amazing site to visit. Ironically, even though it can be considered to be a source of embarrassment in regard to the past, the Coliseum has become one of Rome’s icons for greatness. You can find the Coliseum in Piazza del Colosseo, Via dei Fori Imperiali, at Rome.

Vatican City

Although small in size, Vatican City is considered to be one of Italy’s remarkable aspects. It is the seat and heart of Catholicism, both politically and spiritually. If truth be told, St. Peter was even crucified on this very spot. In fact, St. Peter’s basilica was directly built above that exact ancient hill.

Up until now both St. Peter’s square and the Basilica are still used for studying art history and architecture classes. If you’re really into art, one day may not be enough for you to see the Vatican’s museums. In fact, you can lose yourself just wondering the city’s museums for days, and it may seem still not enough. The Sistine Chapel is also one good place to visit where you can find some of the real masterpieces of Roman art.

Il Duomo

Il Duomo, which is also known as The Cathedral of Santa Maria Dei Fiori, is considered to be one of the grandest achievements of Renaissance architecture. During the time it was built. the cathedral’s octagonal dome that was the largest around the world. It was originally designed by Brunelleschi. Ever since, it took about six centuries for Il Duomo to be completed. It is one of Florence’s symbol nowadays.

If you can, try climbing the 414 steps up towards the bell tower and for sure the sight you’ll see would be worth your endeavor since you’ll be seeing Renaissance Florence laid before you.

Piazza San Marco

This square is yet another masterpiece that is popularly studied by urban planners and architects. It is also one of Italy’s most successful and beautiful public squares. You can find a lot of cafes and shops around the square. Also, it houses St. Peter’s Basilica and the Campanile. A lot of locals and visitors sip espresso in cafes around the square, meet, talk, and even climb up the Campanile to have a breathtaking view of Venice.

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