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How to Travel Safely in Italy

November 24, 2010 by Travel Guide  
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If you are planning a vacation to Italy, all you will need to navigate this beautiful country safely is a few phrases of Italian and a healthy dose of common sense.

When Driving
Don’t stop in the emergency lane.  They’re notoriously narrow, making it dangerous to exit your car.  Stop at a service station or pull off an exit if you need to consult a map or check something on your car.

Don’t leave your car unlocked and unattended, even if you only intend to stop for a short while.  Luggage and valuables are easily stolen from unlocked vehicles.

Don’t accept help from strangers on the roadway, especially along the route from Naples to Salerno.  Thieves often prey upon unsuspecting motorists stranded on the highway.  Better to go it alone or call for a professional.

On Foot or Public Transport
Don’t flash lots of cash in public places.  Take just what you need for the day and be cautious when you make purchases.  Thieves are always on the lookout for hapless tourists carrying their entire holiday budget on their person.

Don’t carry a wallet or purse if you can help it.  Keep valuables in your hotel secure, and if you must have a wallet, purse or handbag on you then be sure these items are carried securely.

Don’t leave your luggage unattended on a train.

Never take a taxi that doesn’t have a meter.  This makes it possible for the driver to charge you a completely arbitrary—and often exorbitant—fare.  Use metered taxis or take public transport instead.


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  1. very good safety tips provided in your article

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